How does one know a place? Or express a place?  Or get beneath the topography thats abstracted from everyday life? 

If place is as critic and curator Lucy Lippard, describes -- the concept of space imbued with memory (1997) -- then Larry Springs production may be encountered as a subjective response to a landscape brimming with buried histories.

What follows is a brief glimpse into Fort Bragg’s history of complex cultural interactions, and how these contextual influences may have informed Spring's cultural production. It outlines a pattern of colonization that is inherently linked to Fort Bragg. This is enacted through spaces both abstract – Northern California a source of esoteric energies, and the material – the land, the town, the industry and its buildings.  

While the role and significance of the peculiarities of isolationism and rugged individualism in rural Northern California is unquestionably essential to understanding Larry Spring, it would be easy to overstate its importance. However, in relation to Spring’s personal biography and cultural production, the logic of time and place and changing social processes should not be overlooked.


The following selection of photographs provide's a brief historical timeline that is tied to the development of Spring's cultural production. 

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