VIDEO: A brief tour of Larry Spring's universe.


The Collection

Common sense physics was how Larry Spring described his amateur work, investigations, and homespun notions of physical phenomena. He aspired to make theory tangible, through his production and collection of artifacts and objects inspired by what he understood to be his keen powers of observation. 'Let the Energy be Your Teacher' was his common sense mantra.

Through his life, Spring maintained a stubborn resistance to mainstream physics and in many ways this resistance enlivened his output. His anti-professional stance was evident in the handmade aspects of his works and displays which literally lacked polish and coherent explanation.

Spring's approach to making objects was about reconfiguring the existing and the recognizable. Found objects and repurposed artifacts were important materials and all in line with his common sense, waste not want not ethos. Fragments of things became things in their own right — a tuna can became a motor, a collection of rocks became a dinner party, an assortment of carton lids became a storage system. Each object took on a different meaning and function according to his use, and as always, became part of his kinetic method of inquiry.