The Larry Spring Museum investigates Spring’s spirit of amateur inquiry as a means to open up the collection to new possibilities. We imagine the Museum as a living archive of at-hand art and science resources where diverse citizens engage through collaborative, community-based programs.

Our mission will be met through the following initiatives:

  • Celebration and fostering of Spring’s DIY “spirit of amateur inquiry” through exhibitions, collaborative community engagement and learning opportunities.

  • Showcasing the work of local emerging and self-taught artists and makers by providing a platform for them to develop their practice.

  • Facilitation of the creation of analogue and intuitive modes of knowledge production through workshops and events.

  • Cultivation of partnerships with local and national cultural institutions with the goal of collectively presenting self-taught art and science.

  • Presentation of perspectives from diverse backgrounds and underrepresented groups

Social IMpact

Our most significant goals are to help build a more creative downtown Fort Bragg. Here is how we will do it: 

  • The Museum will help build community pride around Fort Bragg’s idiosyncratic history by facilitating meaningful community engagement.

  • We aim to help youth to integrate curiosity, creativity and environmental justice into everyday life.

  • We will create a unique destination for artists, makers and other curious beings to explore.