VIDEO: Larry Spring described in a sampling of observation


Lorenz 'Larry' Spring (1915-2009) was a freethinker who challenged mainstream ways of knowing through his tenacious, idiosyncratic learning and teaching style. A life-long resident of California's Mendocino coast, Spring was uniquely inspired by the area's biophysical environment, and expressed himself in painting, woodworking and assemblage. He was an enthusiastic arborist, a self-declared expert in longevity, and entirely self-taught.

He was a vernacular Renaissance man.

Spring identified first and foremost as an ‘experimenter’ who surveyed the world through empirical observation. Experiments in applied physics were his specialty, and he aspired to make visible the complex phenomena described by standardized science. Spring idealized knowledge through making and dismissed the theoretical musings of Einstein as the 'stuff of dreamers'.

Larry Spring's School of Common Sense Physics in Fort Bragg, California, was where he shared these personalized studies through craft-making, the construction of hand-hewn demonstration models, and publications. He worked tirelessly until his death at age 94 to find acceptance for his primary discoveries Magnespheres and the Spring Atom